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Breast Augmentation

Birmingham, Alabama, Breast Augmentation:

Dr. Gene Moor is known for his beautiful breast augmentation surgery results in Birmingham, Alabama at ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY (formerly MOOR PLASTIC SURGERY) and has been for more than twenty years. His goal is always the creation of the most natural looking, beautiful breasts possible.  Women seek surgery because they are unhappy with their breasts.  Women are interested in correcting breasts that never developed, or are too small and/or asymmetrical. Restoring breast volume after pregnancy or after weight loss is a common desire.

Breast augmentation has been proven to have positive effects on self esteem, outlook and even personality. Patients decide on surgery to make the breast larger, more proportionate to the rest of the body, and to feel more attractive: to improve the way you feel about yourself.

Patients choose Dr. Moor because of his experience, personal touch, and attention to detail.  He is patient and willing to spend the time needed for the patient to understand the procedures and for her to have realistic expectations.  Patients love Dr. Moor because of the excellent care he and his staff provide as well as the safety of undergoing surgery in a hospital setting.

Dr. Moor listens to your goals and helps you make choices. Once you him give him a good idea of the look you desire, Dr. Moor will decide which implant to use to best achieve this look. The size of the implant is determined by evaluating the breast width-dimension and chest-dimension.  You and Dr. Moor will decide upon the shape of the implant (low profile, moderate profile, moderate-plus and high profile) taking into account the breast shape you are trying to achieve, limited by the structure of your own breast and chest

After the desired size has been determined the patient can decide on silicone or saline, textured vs. smooth, round vs. shape (teardrop or anatomical). Silicone (or “gel”) implants have come a long way.  The Mentor company has introduced several gel implants: the most recent is a highly cohesive gel implant with a tapered appearance called ‘MemoryShape’ in addition to the popular ‘MemoryGel’ implant (Dr. Moor or ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY receive no compensation for mentioning these implants).

Dr. Moor will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and help you make a decision.

Your Breast Augmentation surgery will be done in the hospital operating room as an outpatient surgery which Dr. Moor considers the safest choice for surgery. (Grandview Medical Center or Brookwood Medical Center)

The fees quote (negotiated down with the hospital and anesthesia) for your cosmetic procedure is for the surgery, the outpatient surgery facility and anesthesia.

There are risks associated with breast implant surgery as with all surgical procedures. Breast implants are not life time devices and may need to be replaced. Dr. Gene Moor will throughly explain the risks and the procedure before you proceed with surgery.

Dr. Moor uses three possible incision sites for insertion of the implant.  The incision on the underside of the breast (infra-mammary fold) is the most common, followed by the peri areolar approach, and the axillary approach.

The breast implants are primarily placed under the (pectoralis) muscle but occasionally they are placed above the muscle, which is the sub sub-glandular approach. The sub-glandular approach may be used with silicone implants for correction of minimal ptosis, (sagging) or for primary breast augmentation.

With sub-muscular, under the muscle, placement:

  • recovery may be longer and more painful
  • less visible edges and implants are less palpable
  • easier imaging during mammography
  • may be preferable if you have thin or weakened breast tissue

With sub-glandular, above the muscle placement:

  • recovery may be shorter and less painful
  • more visible and palpable implants
  • less implant distortion with muscle contracture
  • more difficult imaging during mammogram
  • may not be recommended if you have thin breast tissue

After Dr. Moor has completed the surgery a special bra is put on you in the operating room, which you will wear at all times for several weeks.  Most patients are back to work in a few days. Early limited activity post-op is encouraged as long as you are wearing a good support bra.  A stationary bike and or walking are recommended for the first two weeks.  By the third week you can get back to your regular routine and delay the upper body muscle workouts until week five. 

Dr. Moor encourages vigorous breast massage and wearing a bra 24 hours a day.  Your breast implants will initially be high but will settle in the more natural position in the subsequent months. 

The Breast Augmentation procedures can be performed alone or in combination with Liposuction and/or Abdominoplasty.

“Dr. Moor just recently performed a breast aug on me. I had been to 4 other consultations, which gave me mixed emotions. After meeting with Dr. Moor I felt completely confident that he knew what he was doing! Wow, what a relief he was indeed. He is so professional, yet down to earth. He really took the time to listen to what my goals and expectations were for this procedure. In return, he offered his professional opinion and advice which, without a doubt was exactly what I was looking for. He was so different from the rest of the surgeons that I had met with prior to his consult. You just get a gut feeling when you know you have found the right surgeon for you, and I definitely got that feeling from Dr. Moor. I am very, very pleased with the outcome. I could not thank Dr. Moor enough. He gave me back every bit of confidence that I had lost. I also wanted to mention that his staff are all amazingly thoughtful and generous. They were on top of things from the beginning until the end. I think I called twice and both times Dr. Moor happened to be in surgery, however both times he called me back within an hour at the most. The girls were very good at keeping him informed and because of that he was able to respond in a timely manner. I would with the most confidence recommend Dr. Moor to anyone looking into having this procedure performed. A good friend of mine had Dr. Moor perform a breast aug on her and she is ecstatic with the outcome as well. I hope this recommendation helps anyone wanting to have this procedure performed with great expectations. THANK YOU DR. MOOR!!!!”

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