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Treatment of Massive Weight Loss / Post Bariatric Surgery Patient

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"Dr. Moor has been my plastic surgeon for seven years now.  I was first referred by my primary and would never consider to go to anyone else. i have had multiple surgeries with dr. moor and could not have been happier with my results. He has the best bedside manner i have ever encountered in a physician, it is evident that he honestly cares for his patients, I have referred at least ten of my friends as well as all my family members to him."


Studies have shown that after massive weight loss, Body Contouring produces an enhanced body image with a positive effect on the future success of long term weight management.  One procedure may be all that is desired, but usually the approach to the post bariatric surgery patient is by ‘staging’ the multiple contouring procedures. In other words: plan several consecutive surgeries over time. The time intervals are necessary because some procedures require that you recuperate from your surgery and also to wait for the stabilized result of the previous surgical procedure. The staging of the procedures helps ensure the best outcomes and enhances patient safety.  The surgical plan of staging is based on the BMI (patient’s Body Mass Index). More procedures can be performed in fewer stages on patients with smaller body mass index. Dr. Moor will discuss with you how the procedures and their stages should be tailored according to your individual needs.

Stage One:

It is generally agreed that some type of procedure involving the abdomen is typically performed first in order to address the lower body.   If the waist, lower back and lateral thighs also need to be addressed, Dr. Eugene Moor at ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY in Mountain Brook Birmingham,  Alabama  may perform a Belt Lipectomy (link to body lift) or Extended  Abdominoplasty.    

The thigh, waist, lower back and buttocks can be addressed individually without the abdominoplasty. 

A Thigh Lift (link to thigh lift) or Buttock Lift (link to buttock lift) may be chosen as a first stage procedure.

The abdomen is usually addressed with an abdominoplasty or a Panniculectomy. (Link to panniculectomy) Even though these procedures are all considered cosmetic and currently insurances don’t pay for them anymore, the panniculectomy only may be an insurance covered procedure under certain circumstances. (LINK TO PANNICULECTOMY). 

Stage Two:

In stage two the upper body is addressed: the upper body consists of the upper arms, lateral chest, breasts and back. The female breast in post bariatric or massive weight loss is usually very ptotic (very droopy) and suffers from various degrees of volume loss.  The breast lift,  the Mastopexy (link to Mastopexy) re-shapes the breast by reducing the size of the skin envelope.  An Augmentation (link to augmentation mastopexy) with Mastopexy is done if more breast volume is needed, in addition to reducing the breast envelope which is done by means of the mastopexy or breast lift.  There are occasions when the breast was not affected by weight loss and a Breast Reduction (link to breast reduction) is indicated to bring the breast in proportion to the rest of the body.  The flabby and saggy, under arm tissue is treated by an Arm Lift Brachioplasty (link to brachioplasty).  Your scars will be noticeable either on the medial or on the posterior aspect of your arm.  The lateral chest rolls of skin extending to the upper back are accentuated by the bra and should be addressed.

Stage Three:

The appearance of the thighs after post bariatric surgery is highly variable from patient to patient. You may have deflated thighs with minimal excess skin or you may have deflated thighs with a lot of excess skin, while other patients have massive amounts of residual fat due to minimal fat loss in the thighs. Dr. Gene Moor will evaluate the thighs and determine if liposuction alone can treat the large thigh or if a Medial Thigh Lift  (link to thigh lift) needs to be added to the treatment plan.  In some cases the medial thigh can be treated with a horizontal incision in the groin but in most cases  a vertical incision down the medial aspect (inner part) of the thigh needs to be added.   


All patients respond individually and differently after bariatric surgery. Dr. Gene Moor will consult with you and together you will design a treatment schedule. Not all operations are necessary for everybody and Dr. Moor will help you prioritize the most desired procedures.  Some of the post bariatric surgeries will require an overnight stay at Brookwood Medical Center or Grandview Medical Center, while other post bariatric procedures can be done on an out patient basis. The amount of time between these surgeries should be two to three months, or at least until you are back to normal activity. 

Discounts for multiple staged surgeries:

When the patient chooses multiple procedures in stages, discount arrangements on Dr. Moor’s surgeon’s fee are possible for stages two and three, or related subsequent procedures.

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