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Body Lift

“He really makes me feel comfortable. He does such great work and he is not scared to do the hard work, not just the pretty breasts, I really appreciate him so much.” (Nurse)

Body lift surgery may be referred to as Lower Body Lift, Belt Lipectomy, Circumferential Lipectomy or Extended Abdominoplasty. The body lift removes the excess skin and fatty tissue from the middle and lower abdomen, hips, upper lateral thighs, lower back and buttocks.   

As one ages the skin loses elasticity and sagging skin develops in the midsection of the body.  Aging, sun damage, smoking, pregnancies, fluctuations in weight and genetics all contribute to poor  tissue elasticity and can result in pronounced sagging in the lower body region.

The body lift may be appropriate for the patient who needs an abdominoplasty  (link to abdominoplasty) and/or panniculectomy (link to panniculectomy) and has excess tissue in the waist and buttocks region. Body lift surgery is not intended for weight loss.  Body lift surgery may be combined with liposuction and if good skin tone and localized fat deposits are present, liposuction may be all that is needed. There is a variety of techniques that Dr. Gene Moor performs, that may be considered a Body Lift with different emphases on regions of treatment.

Body Lift surgery is done under general anesthesia at either Grandview Medical Center or Brookwood Medical Center.  The surgery may last from  four to six hours, depending on what combination of procedures are performed. After ascertaining what the specific goals are, and after extensive consultation with you, Dr. Eugene Moor designs the exact and individualized surgical procedure(s) for you.

The elements of the body lift consist of a belt-like excision of the excess skin and fat of the lower back, the buttocks and waist and ‘blend in’ or connects these incisions to a panniculectomy or an abdominoplasty. 


The scars are placed in the most inconspicuous places possible. The overall intent is to create a more defined waist with less impact on the thighs and a flatter, more contoured abdomen. Drain tubes will be placed under the skin to eliminate fluids and blood that may accumulate. Post operatively, Dr. Eugene Moor strongly encourages early ambulation, in other words he encourages you to walk around in frequent intervals.  For the first week or two lying down and standing are the preferred positions, sitting is discouraged. You still need to walk around however. 


The drain tubes will be removed when the monitored drainage is at an acceptable level.  The post operative pain is closely monitored and is treated with oral medications. 

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