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Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures | Mountain Brook | Birmingham | Vestavia Hills

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Procedures Commonly Performed by
Dr. Eugene Moor, board certified in plastic surgery at
ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY in Birmingham, Alabama, 35223

“Dr. Moor did my breast reduction  and I have been very pleased with my results.  He was very thorough and answered all my questions. I was also very comfortable with Dr. Moor throughout the entire process.  Thankfully I was referred to Alabama Plastic Surgery and I refer all of my friends/relatives who desire a Plastic Surgeon who takes pride in their work and wants you to feel and look better.   Thank you Dr. Moor for everything you have done for me!”

Dr. Gene Moor is highly skilled and experienced in breast surgery.

This section is designed to give you an overview of the procedures frequently performed at ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY (formerly ‘Moor Plastic Surgery’). We will do everything we can to make you a well informed patient. Your consultation with Dr. Gene Moor will take place in an informal and comfortable setting.  For more details on a particular procedure, please visit the section on individual procedures.

Breast surgery represents a major part of our practice, and Dr. Moor offers a wide variety of options in cosmetic breast procedures.  Each patient is an individual and may have very different goals in mind.  We will formulate a treatment plan to fit the individual patient with realistic expectations in mind. If breast surgery is your choice we’ll do everything in our power to make it a pleasant and successful experience. 

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Breast Procedures frequently performed at ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY in Birmingham, Alabama by Dr. Gene Moor:

  • Breast Augmentation/Breast Enlargement Surgery
  • Breast Lift  (Mastopexy) Surgery
  • Breast Reconstruction Surgery
  • Breast Reduction Surgery - Female patient
  • Breast Reduction Surgery - Male patient
  • Breast Implant Revision / Replacement Surgery




Dr. M. Eugene Moor has been performing the most beautiful breast augmentation surgeries in Birmingham, Alabama for twenty  years. The different options in breast enlargement have increased since the re-introduction of the silicone implant. This section will give you a more in-depth look at this procedure. Dr. Moor will assist you in deciding on the size, style and type of implant that best fits your individual needs. Please give us a call if there are any questions and schedule an appointment for a complimentary, personal consultation with Dr. Gene Moor and an in-depth discussion of your options.


Breast Reduction surgery is one of the most patient-pleasing procedures. Birmingham plastic surgeon Dr. Gene Moor’s goal is not only to improve the patient’s physical symptoms, but also to reduce the breasts to a more proportional size  to the rest of the body. It should help make it easier to find clothes that fit and more importantly, make daily activities more pleasant. This surgery helps improve self esteem.  After surgery the breast will be smaller, lighter and firmer.

If the patient meets certain criteria, the procedure is often covered by insurance.  If your reduction is not covered by insurance, we offer the breast reduction on a cosmetic basis with a Breast Reduction Surgery package.


Dr. Gene Moor, board certified in plastic surgery, at ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY in Birmingham, Alabama, 35223. Breast reconstruction is Dr. Moor’s passion: breast reconstruction can dramatically help improve a woman’s self image and her quality of life. Dr. Gene Moor will become a member of your breast cancer team.  A team that makes up the physicians who are involved in treating the woman with breast cancer. In most cases, reconstruction will not interfere with cancer treatment or with the ability to detect the recurrence of breast cancer. Dr. Gene Moor  is very sensitive to the trauma the patient suffers when she first learns of her diagnosis of breast cancer. This awareness stays with him throughout her cycles of treatment.

When she first learns about her diagnosis, his staff knows that he will see this patient immediately, or as soon as possible, if she so desires.  He recognizes the importance of helping relieve the impact of her immediate stress by seeing her as soon as possible about her options regarding her affected breast. There are many options for reconstruction that she may choose to consider.  Aided by his years of experience with breast cancer patients, Dr. Gene Moor reviews with his staff on a regular basis how to best assist this special patient and makes the reconstructive process as easy as possible. 


The mastopexy procedure, preformed by Birmingham plastic surgeon Dr. Gene Moor, raises and re-shapes the saggy breast. Sometimes the  breast lift or mastopexy, may be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Moor also uses this technique when addressing asymmetry in the unaffected breast in the breast cancer patient. Mastopexy is also part of Mommy Makeover and post weight loss bariatric surgeries.


Breast augmentation surgery has an extremely high satisfaction rate. Size change, capsular contracture, deflation, asymmetry, and sagging are among the most common reasons for the need of re-operation. Dr. M. Eugene Moor is experienced in the surgery of these potentially complicated situations. Dr. Gene Moor at Alabama Plastic Surgery is available to discuss your concern and help find a solution.

Male Breast Reduction

Enlarged male breasts, Gynecomastia, is a very common condition affecting a large percentage of patients. It is a result of the accumulation of excess fatty tissue, excess glandular tissue or a combination of both.  Heredity,   weight gain, medications or a combination thereof can be the cause. Gynecomastia can be surgically treated resulting in a more masculine upper body. This is an outpatient procedure.