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Cosmetic Consultations:

ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY offers no charge cosmetic consultations.

Insurance Covered Consultations:

We participate in most insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company to see what your copay and deductible obligations are. We accept major credit cards. We participate with Prosper, CareCredit and Stairway Lending to help cover the high deductibles. Please be aware that your surgeon’s office is under contractual obligation with your health insurance company to charge a co-pay. The amount is established by your health insurance company and is beyond our control entirely.

Combined Consultations:

If you desire a cosmetic procedure in combination with a health insurance covered procedure, which requires pre-authorization, please be aware that a physician’s practice is under contractual obligation to charge a copay for the office visit related to your potentially insurance covered procedure. Copays are designed to deter doctor visits. The co-pay is a requirement by your health insurance carrier, and your health insurance carrier will consider it a contractual violation if a practice ignores the co-pay requirement.