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Cosmetic Facial Surgery Procedures | Mountain Brook | Birmingham | Vestavia Hills

Cosmetic Facial Surgery Procedures Commonly Performed by
Dr. Eugene Moor, board certified in plastic surgery at
ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY in Birmingham, Alabama, 35223

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Dr. Gene Moor has extensive skills, experience and training in facial procedures.  His two year Plastic Surgery Fellowship as well as his Ear Nose and Throat residency enables him to have a widely better grasp of the aspects of facial surgery than most plastic surgeons.

There is no one operation that can be considered the definitive procedure: there is no ‘one-size fits all’.

Dr. Gene Moor in consultation with you, will analyze your face and neck and evaluate which technique is best for you. The trend is towards less aggressive, less invasive techniques with shorter scars, less down time and easier recovery periods.

At the same time, not all patients need to start off with the more involved face lift: individual procedures like eyelid surgery, neck lift, brow lift may be all that is necessary to address your particular concern at this time.

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery Procedures frequently performed at ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY in Birmingham, Alabama by Dr. Gene Moor:

Please visit the specific procedures and learn more about facial plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Facial Surgery Procedures

  •         Facelift
  •         Eyelid Lift
  •         Rhinoplasty
  •         Pinning Protruding Ears
  •         Brow Lift



The facelift surgery performed by Dr. Eugene Moor at Alabama Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama, improves the sagging facial skin, jowls, and loose neck skin. The procedure is most often done on men and women over 40. The facelift plastic surgery helps push back the clock 5 to 10 years. Dr. Moor will discuss the facelift option at your consultation. 


Eyelid lift surgery performed by Dr. Eugene Moor in Birmingham, Alabama corrects the drooping upper lid and the puffy bags below the eyes by skillfully removing excess skin and fat. This procedure is most often done on patients over 30 years of age. Dr. Moor will discuss your recovery and post operative care at your consultation.


Cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) reshapes the nose by reducing or increasing its size, removing a hump, changing the shape of the tip, or changing the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Nasal surgery (septoplasty) may improve breathing problems and may be covered by insurance.


Ear surgery, or otoplasty, performed by Dr. Eugene Moor at Alabama Plastic Surgery in Birmingham, Alabama sets the protruding ear back, closer to the head or reduces the size of the ear. The otoplasty is usually performed after the age of 5 when the ears have reached over 90% of their mature size. The otoplasty in children is occasionally covered by insurance.


The brow lift surgery performed by Dr. Eugene Moor in Birmingham, Alabama reduces the forehead creases, drooping eyebrows, hooding over the eyes and the forehead frown lines. The brow lift restores the more youthful look of the upper face and eyes. At your consultation Dr. Moor will discuss the different surgical approaches.


The neck lift at Alabama Plastic Surgery removes the excess fat and the loose neck muscles (neck bands) are then re-contoured. On occasion in men, the excess skin of the neck is excised.  The removal of fat and the contouring of the neck muscles produce a more youthful, pleasing look. If you have saggy jowls, this should be addressed with a face lift and not with a neck lift.