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Fat Injections & Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting, or Fat Injections is a surgical procedure that extracts fat from one area of the body by liposuction (link to liposuction) and injects the fat into another area of the body.  The primary areas of fat removal are the abdomen, the thighs, and the buttocks. 

  • The goal of fat grafting is to provide more volume in locations where the fat has decreased. 
  • Fat injections can be done to the deep folds of the face and around the mouth and enhance the size and shape of the lips. 
  • Fat grafting to the breasts may be done for a primary breast augmentation and as an adjunct to breast reconstruction.
  • Fat injections may provide a smoother contour to the breast and provide volume in locations that the reconstructive process does not.
  • Fat injections are useful for the correction of depressions in the legs and buttocks sustained after trauma and surgery.
  • Large volume injections of fat to the buttocks are done to re-shape and/or augment the gluteal regions (buttocks).
  • Fat injections to the hands replace the lost and atrophied fat that occurs with advancing age.  The goal is to create a more youthful, full-looking top of the hand.  You are trying to hide the veins and tendons that have become more visible as the hand atrophies over time.
  • Fat grafting improves the texture, suppleness, color, and quality of skin in scars, burns, and radiated tissues.


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