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Neck Lift

Correction of the double chin can be achieved by a small incision under the chin and the sub mental fat, the fat under your chin, is removed with liposuction. There are occasions where the large sub mental fat deposits need to be surgically removed through a larger incision in the natural skin crease. This incision provides better access for fat removal and treatment of the neck muscle bands. After the removal of excess sub mental fat and correction of the muscle bands, a nicely contoured, youthful neck is the end result.

A ‘turkey gobbler’ neck consisting of redundant upper neck skin is a frequent complaint by men. Some men prefer not to have a facelift because of the difficulty in hiding the scar around the ear and not having enough hair to camouflage the incision. An anterior neck excision of redundant skin can be considered. The ‘turkey gobbler’ will be corrected but there is an anterior neck scar. This scar does improve nicely over time as most neck scars do.