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"Dr. Moor has always been very courteous friendly but remains professional at the same time. I have had Dr. Moor perform several different procedures on me and I have always been pleased with his work. He strives to make you happy with your procedure. He always answers your questions and gives you the suggestions of what he thinks would be most beneficial. His office workers are friendly and attempt to get you in to see Dr. moor as soon as possible. They are also courteous and professional. I could not imagine having anyone else perform my procedures/needs."

Pregnancy and childbirth may cause physical changes to your body that you may find less cosmetically pleasing. Today you can do something about those changes that you feel are undesirable, with Mommy Makeover surgery by Dr. Gene Moor at ALABAMA PLASTIC SURGERY Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223.

Breasts that have become smaller after pregnancy

During pregnancy, your breast and milk glands may swell and replace the fatty tissue. After childbirth, the breast size may decrease, resulting in the breast skin envelope becoming too large. Breast feeding itself is not the cause. This envelope can be filled with a breast implant and restore the breast to the more youthful look. It is unlikely that the Breast Augmentation will interfere with subsequent pregnancies.

Breasts that become undesirably large after pregnancy

In some rare circumstances after child birth, the breasts stay large or even continue to enlarge. Once the breasts are a stable size and the patient feels that her breasts are uncomfortably large, a Breast Reduction can be performed. Excessively large breasts may be detrimental to self-esteem and unfortunately can lead to back and neck pain, shoulder pain as well as poor posture because of the extra weight. Excessively large breasts may limit the level of activity: bending forward or stooping becomes difficult and may be interfering with work. The ability to do certain exercises and post partum activities may also be impaired. 

Sagging Breasts after pregnancy

Breast feeding itself does not cause sagging of the breasts. During pregnancy there may be extensive swelling in the breasts. This may result in stretched skin and droopy breasts. A surgical procedure called Mastopexy excises the excess skin, lifts the breasts and raises the nipple. Sometimes after pregnancy, a hollowness develops in the superior part of the breast. If the patient wants to be fuller in the superior aspect of the breast or just wants to be larger altogether, Dr. Gene Moor can add an implant by a Breast Augmentation to the breast lift Mastopexy.

Retained Localized Fat Deposits after pregnancy

During pregnancy there often is a large amount of weight gain with accumulation of large fatty deposits throughout the body. Post-partum weight reduction takes place but localized fat pouches may persist. This is very common in the thighs, buttocks, waist, lower abdomen and arms. These fat deposits can be easily treated with ultrasonic Liposuction on an outpatient basis and in some cases under local anesthesia.

Stretched stomach after after childbirth

A mommy’s abdomen can be severely affected by pregnancy: loose skin and stretched stomach wall muscles, stretch marks, c-section scars, and localized fat pockets have changed the body contour. The excision of the excess abdominal skin together with the tightening of the stomach muscles is called Abdominoplasty. The full Abdominoplasty involves treatment of the full abdomen in addition to the liposuction of the region. The muscles that have been stretched out of place by the expanding uterus are repaired at this time.

Further pregnancies and Abdominoplasty after pregnancy

If further pregnancies are anticipated, it is wise to delay the full Abdominoplasty until after your last child. However, there is no reason why a Small Lipectomy (excision of excess skin and fat) can not be done in the interim to correct the lower abdominal pouch which may have been aggravated by a C-section scar. When there is an extended period of time in between pregnancies this might be considered.

Small amounts of excess stomach skin after pregnancy

A Mini Abdominoplasty can remove the small amount of excess skin above the c-section scar or in the midline of the lower abdomen and repaire the lower abdominal muscles. This will remove the pouch of excess skin that may remain in the lower abdomen after pregnancy. The muscles that have been stretched out of place by the expanding uterus are repaired at this time. We can repair the stretched muscles form the umbilicus on down. 
By contrast, the full Abdominoplasty involves the treatment of the full abdomen in addition to liposuction of the region. If further pregnancies are anticipated it is advised however, to delay the full Abdominoplasty until after your last child. There is no reason that a small lipectomy could not be done in the mean time. 

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