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Temporal Lift

The Temporal Lift of the Face has the purpose of softening the evidence of aging in the lateral brow region. The temple lift is a procedure by itself but is often done together with other eyelid surgery or a facelift.

The purpose of this procedure is to elevate the lateral brows and to smooth out the wrinkles of the lateral eyelids and to tighten the skin around them. 

The raising of the tail of the eyebrow and the repositioning of the skin is done with respect to facial expression.

After Surgery:

During the first few days post surgery, rest is advised, with no physical straining.  On the first few days after the operation, you should not be surprised or worried about the following: a cutaneous bulge on the upper side of the temporal scar and/or swelling which may be more visible on the third day than on the first day,   You may have  bruises in the area and you may experience a painful tightness sensation in the area of the temples.

Stitches situated on the scalp are removed on about  the 7th day after the operation. Scars are visible but will fade and smooth out.  Beginning the 4th month after the procedure, your hair will grow through the scars.