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Too thin to have an Augmentation?

1.  If you can feel your ribs with your finger, beneath the breast or at the side of your breast, you will be able to feel the edge of your implant beneath your breast and at the side of your breast.

2.  Currently manufactured implants that strive to achieve durability of the shell have a thicker shell to prolong the life of your implant, and a thicker shell may be easier for you to feel.

3.  If feeling an edge of an implant shell could be a problem for you, do not have an augmentation.

4.  Your plastic surgeon cannot change the quality or thickness of your tissues. If you are thin or have very little breast tissue, you will be more likely to feel your implant.

5.  The larger the implant, the worse your breast will look over time. A larger implant will stretch your tissues and will cause more tissue-thinning and sagging than a smaller implant.

6.  Your tissues do not improve with age, and they will be less able to support the additional weight of any implant, especially a larger implant.

7.  Any implant, if filled adequately to prevent collapse and possible folding of the shell when you stand, will feel firmer than a normal breast, regardless of the filler material. If the implant shell folds, it could fail sooner and require you to have a re-operation sooner.

8.  If you want a totally natural breast, you should not have a breast augmentation.

(After Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - American Society of Plastic Surgeons, (ASPS) Volume 121, Number 4, April 2008)